Medallion Hunt


Congratulations to Mike, Julia, Sam and Naomi Nowak for finding the 2023 Heritage Days medallion at Bear Park! 
Read an explanation under each clue and watch our Facebook video of where and how the medallion was hidden. 



The Medallion Hunt will begin Monday, August 14, 2023


Clues will be posted to this page, at City Hall, Community Park and Kohler Meadows Park, and on the medallion hotline at 651-204-6017.

Find the medallion and win a $200 prize!


The Heritage Days medallion hunt is open to the public - all are welcome to join us on the search! Medallion hunters, please remember: 

  • The medallion will be on PUBLIC property within the City of Vadnais Heights boundaries. Please do not enter private property.
  • Do not dig holes. 
  • One clue will be published each day until the medallion is found, or through Sunday, August 20 (up to 7 clues).


Clue #1 - Monday, August 14

Finish your cereal, seek the material.
A new day, a new hunt — just to treat you.
Add to your studies, two new red buddies.
Ok you’ll have it in the bag — if they greet you.


  • “Two new red buddies” = There are two Redbud trees that were recently planted at the entrance to Bear Park. There are tags on them for identification.
  • The word cereal and Ok is a hint at the old Kellogg brand cereal called OK’s, which depicted Yogi Bear on it’s cover. Hinting at Bear Park.
  • “You’ll have it in the bag” = The medallion was hidden inside of a bag.

Clue #2 - Tuesday, August 15

It’s not a trick, but wow what a kick!
Each side must of endured an intense match!
In our parks old and new, there’s lots to do!
It’s time to play ball and make the prized catch!


  • Bear Park has baseball and soccer, the two soccer nets have a big hole in them. It looks like someone kicked the ball right through the net.

Clue #3 - Wednesday, August 16

Is your search in doubt? Here's a clue to scout.
Find it near your Fruit Loops and Corn Flakes.
This park's frequence, is just out of sequence.
When it's kid time - stay away for your sakes.


  • “Fruit Loop” = Bear park has a looped path, currently with a story about lemons and lemonade posted along the path. The medallion was not far from the looped trail.
  • “Corn Flakes” = Yogi Bear was once the mascot and on the cover of Corn Flakes. Hinting at Bear Park.
  • Bear Park’s address is just out of sequence, 465 Bear Ave. Also, the URL of the Vadnais Heights Heritage Days website had the number 465 in it, hinting at the address of Bear Park.
  • “Kid time” is on the playground, we instruct hunters to stay away from the playground area as the medallion is not near it. 

Clue #4 - Thursday, August 17

Absorb and anchor, suppress your anger. 
Expand and reach out and you’ll have it made.
Just tell the story, in all it’s glory.
When life throws you lemons — make lemonade.


  • The first two line are all about the functions of a root, the medallion was tucked under a tree root along the grassy path by the pond. 
  • The last two lines are about the lemonade story posted along the looped walking lath. 

FOUND - FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 (before clue was posted)

Clue #5 

Grab your green tie, then dawn a green pork pie.
Your confidence has grown — nothing but net!
Octet of forms, is where hunters should swarm.
I’m so smart it hurts — but I’m not done yet! 


  • Yogi Bear wears a green tie and a green pork pie hat, hinting at Bear Park.
  • “Nothing but net” = Bear Park has a basketball court.
  • “octet of forms” = There are 8 different bear species in the world, hinting at Bear Park.
  • “I'm so smart it hurts” = A popular quote of Yogi Bear, hinting at Bear Park.
  • The first letter of each line can be rearranged to spell YOGI, hinting at Yogi Bear and Bear Park.

Clue #6

A full picnic basket, would be fantastic!
Ready for the weekend? Go touch some grass!
Better be smarter; than your average hunter.
Ease along the trail — or treasure you’ll pass.


  • Yogi Bear is known for stealing picnic baskets, hinting at Bear Park.
  • “Go touch some grass” = The medallion was hidden along the grassy path. Also the finder will have to move aside some of the grass to uncover the medallion under the root.
  • “Better be smarter; than your average hunter” = This is a play on the popular Yogi Bear quote, “smarter than the average bear”, hinting at Bear Park.
  • The last line instructs hunters to look carefully as you can easily walk right by and or over the medallion. 
  • The first letters of each line can be rearranged to spell BEAR, hinting at Bear Park.

Clue #7

Hey hey Boo Boo! Ponder this final clue!
To solve the problem go back to the root.
Along the bladed path, lies the Vadnais stash.
Pay attention to what’s under your boot! 


  • “Hey hey Boo Boo” = One of the most popular Yogi Bear quotes, hinting at Bear Park.
  • The second line tells hunters the medallion is hidden next to a root.
  • The third line tells hunters the medallion is hidden along a grassy path.
  • The final line tells hunters that you could walk over and or step on the medallion.