Election & Voting

Please find Public Notice from the Ramsey County Elections Office regarding a November 20, 2020 City Council Election Recount below:

Minnesota state law allows for candidates to request a publicly funded recount within seven days of the canvassing of election results, provided that the final balloting margin is less than one-half of one percent of total votes tallied.
The result of our recent City Council election vote was very close (a 32-vote margin between the 2nd & 3rd place finishing candidates out of more than 11,315 votes cast for the Councilmember seat) and within the threshold of difference required for a publicly funded recount to occur. In compliance with state law as interpreted by both our City Attorney and the Ramsey County Elections Office, the candidate with fewer votes of the two was informed of recount options and the recount request was made by that candidate, a right afforded to them by law. That process was concurred with by the office of the Minnesota Secretary of State and is explained here: https://www.sos.state.mn.us/.../how-elections-work/recounts/
Since the recount meets thresholds of state law, the recount will be paid for under the City’s existing contract with the Ramsey County Elections Office and the City will incur no additional cost.
We hope that this post clarifies resident questions and misconceptions about state law surrounding recount requirements and recount costs that have appeared on various social media venues over the past few days.
If you have additional questions, the most direct way to get answers is through contacting the City Administrator’s office at 651-204-6000.

Welcome to the City of Vadnais Heights' Elections and Voter Information webpage!  Additional information may be obtained by visiting Ramsey County Election's website.

If you have election questions, call 651-204-6000.